Card Activation and Periodic Fees
Initial Card Fee Paid with Registrationfree
Yearly Feefree
Monthly Feefree
Inactivity Fee (after 3 months of inactivity)€ 2.50
Expired Card Management Fee (after 12 months of expiry)€ 2.50 
Card Loading Fees
SEPA bank transferfree
Sofort Banking (KYC2 required) 2,5 % min. 2.00 €
SMS Transactions
SMS Forgot PINfree
SMS Card2Card Transfer notificationfree
SMS Balance Inquiryfree
SMS Card Lock/Card Unlock notificationfree
SMS Transaction Notificationfree
ATM transactions
ATM Domestic Withdrawal€ 5.00 
ATM International Withdrawal€ 5.00 
ATM Balance Inquiryfree
ATM Balance Inquiry (UK residence only)€ 0.99 
ATM Declinefree
ATM Decline (UK residence only)€ 0.50 
POS transactions
POS Domestic Transaction€ 0.25 
POS International Transaction€ 0.25 
FX Charge for International Transactions2,75 %
Administrative Transactions
Card replacement fee – lost and stolenfree
PIN Change ATMfree
PIN Change ATM (UK residence only)€ 3.00 
Account closurefree
Redemption feefree
Miscellaneous Fees
Chargeback processing (if not successful)€ 50.00 
Upgrade Fee from IDV (limit 2)  to IDV+ (limit 3)€ 10.00 
Call centre supportfree
Card to Card transfer out (IDV+)free
Card to Card transfer infree